Our story

Hannah Rosenboim founded her eponymous brand in 2017 with a clear desire: to share what she received, a certain taste for aestheticism and hedonism.

at the begining

Hannah was born in Paris, as the youngest of three children. Opening up the world, entrepreneurship and elegance were the key values she received from her parents.

While her two brothers undertook an artistic path in Paris, she decided to make her own journey and study across three continents: Paris, Singapore, Shanghaï and Tel Aviv. Her background is plural, ranging from artistical interests to business studies.

Hannah aims to bring out the power of femininity, sensuality and delicateness within every woman.

The mission

Designing swimwear comes up naturally to her mind when she settles in Tel Aviv. Through her creations, she loves to share with other women what she learned from her mother: a strong sense of fashion and elegance, the attention to the details, and the sensation of luxury fabrics on the skin. 

This led her to draw a clear line for the brand’s mission: to design timeless swimwear that are fully part of the woman’s wardrobe, and that are seducing by their refinement and simplicity.