“I founded Hannah Rosen with a clear and determined ambition: to make swimsuits as fully part of the woman’s wardrobe.”

To me, swimsuits are not just swimming outfits or summer accessories

They are fashion pieces through which women can express themselves and feel confident, beautiful and unique.

Hannah Rosen swimwear plays with the fashion codes and gets inspired by the urban wardrobe: black color, white, ocre, jeans, houndstooth pattern, tie & dye print…

I love to design stylish and timeless pieces: the ones who last across seasons and we never grow tired of. I opt for simple and careful cuts, straight colors and precious fabrics which withstand time, such as jacquard and seersucker.

“Hannah Rosen mixes an elegant and affirmed look strongly inspired by my Parisian roots, with a Mediterranean and relaxed style coming from my daily life in Tel Aviv; a lifestyle where the frontier between beach and city is so blurred that swimsuits can be worn as bodies or crop tops in the street.”

From Anna Rosen to Hannah Rosen, with two H's

When I founded my brand in 2017, I decided to name it Anna Rosen, like my name, but without the two H's. After five years, I realized this brand was the natural continuation of myself, my lifestyle, my inspirations and my legacy. I wanted to better state my convictions and to get closer to my community. Therefore, I decided to (re)name the brand with my real first name: Hannah, with two H's.

Hannah Rosen is more than a brand, it is a personal project.

Hannah Rosenboim, founder.