Our commitments

“Sustainability is such a key topic for brands and yet, so vast and unseasy to achieve.

I wish to remain humble: sustainability takes time and options are often limited for small brands. My approach to sustainability is about making the slow fashion movement happen: products designed to combine style and quality which can be kept for years, along with raw materials and production techniques that respect the planet and people.”

Hannah Rosenboim, founder.

Here are some facts and figures about the brand’s commitments

100% of our fabrics and trims come from Europe

95% of our fabrics come from France and Italy.

The remaining 5% come from Spain or other European countries.

All of our fabrics are OEKO-Tex certified.

100% of the trims have been sourced and carefully chosen in France.

We collaborate only with best-in-class suppliers known for their eco-friendly approach.


We have partnered with a local atelier in Tel Aviv

We work exclusively with a local atelier based in Tel Aviv, renowned for its savoir-faire and fair working conditions.

All our pieces are handcrafted by a team of 6 experienced workers.

We regularly visit the atelier: ​​​​approximately 5 times by season.


Our creations do not go out of style 

We design timeless and high-quality pieces meant to last: 60% of our current creations were launched at the beginning of the brand and became iconic pieces of the house.