All our fabrics come from Europe – mainly France and Italy – and are Oeko-Tex certified. They are sourced in factories known for their savoir-faire and eco-friendly approach. Our suppliers are carefully selected so we may offer you the highest quality product, while keeping the environment and fair working conditions a top concern.

Hannah Rosen uses premium fabrics such as jacquard and seersucker to create timeless and refined swimwear pieces.


Jacquard is a weaving effect created in 1801 by Marie Joseph Jacquard. The patterns are not printed but woven using a technique that intertwines the threads. This raises the pattern and gives to the fabric an unmistakable three-dimensional texture and a unique elegance.
Jacquard fabric is naturally enriched by the diversity of fibers and the placement of the patterns.


Seersucker is a light and puckered fabric, commonly striped or checkered, made by slack-tensions weaves. It has a smooth and bumpy texture.

Seersucker is originally from the East Indies and was imported to Europe around 1750. Today, seersucker is considered as a premium fabric as it is only produced by a limited number of manufacturers. Its timeless style and its airy texture has made this fabric a summer staple.

Sparkling Gold Lurex

Some of our fabrics are enriched by thin gold Lurex threads. This enhanced our design by creating a very discreet shimmer under the sun.


At Hannah Rosen we believe that "less is more" is timeless. This is why we design simple cuts that we never grow tired of. We love a simple elegance all in details.

Also, we pay attention to design comfortable and careful cuts because it is important to us that women feel free of movement, while enhancing every body type.


We have partnered exclusively with a local atelier based in Tel Aviv, renowned for its savoir-faire and fair working conditions.

The atelier operates since 1992 and manufactures only swimwear. It has collaborated with major worldwide swimwear brands contributing to their success.

With more than 30 years of experience, its excellence and professionalism is not to prove anymore. We are confident that its expertise provides us the best inputs to create quality swimsuits with high end finishes.

All our pieces are handcrafted by a team of 6 experienced workers that we visit several times a year at the atelier. Therefore, we can also testify that our swimsuits are manufactured in a place with fair working conditions, and where the production techniques respect the planet and the people.