About the Virage campaign

“Through this campaign I want to share with my community a bit of my environment and make them feel the Tel Aviv vibes. It is also a way for me to open-up further and get them closer to me.”

Hannah R.

The Virage collection is about the brand taking a turn with a new spelling, new logo and new perspectives

In the Virage campaign Hannah Rosen pays tribute to Tel Aviv, the city from where the brand started and where Hannah - the Creative Director - lives, designs and produces her collections.

“Tel Aviv is a city by the sea with a strong soul and a unique atmosphere; with a mix of oriental and occidental culture, and where the typical Bauhaus architecture faces contemporary towers. The frontier between beach and city is so blurred that swimsuits can be worn as bodies or crop tops in the street.”

Hannah R.

The Virage collection was shot in the heart of Tel Aviv

Collaborating with a local team: Sun Mizrahi the model, Simon Elmalem the photographer, and all the persons involved in this campaign are Telavivian.

The Virage campaign perfectly illustrates the effortless chic of Hannah Rosen: precious pieces with refined details, worn by a woman with a cool and relaxed attitude.